Lease One Magnolia

Commercial Leasing Services

Our Commercial Leasing Officers want to be your partner in business and provide the financing and services you need to be successful. We offer low rates and flexible terms for new and used equipment as well as rental conversions.

Our Commercial Leasing lineup includes:

Tax Leases – These have lower payments and tax benefits. Tax leases help conserve working capital and improve cash flows. Your monthly lease payment is viewed as a business expense instead of a liability of long-term debt so bank credit lines are typically not affected. Consult your tax provider for more information regarding tax benefits.

$1 Out/Capital Leases – This type of lease typically requires no down payment and you own the equipment at the end of the term. On your balance sheet, the lease is considered to be an asset and helps conserve cash. Capital leases can be utilized for both new and used equipment.

TRAC Leases – With a TRAC lease, we finance 100% of the vehicle cost, including applicable taxes, thus minimizing the cash outflow from the business. All TRAC lease payments are fully tax deductible. There is a predetermined buyout at lease termination, usually 20% of the cost. Since payments are treated as an expense item, they flow through the income statement thus providing off-balance sheet financing. For title purposes, the customer owns the vehicles, but for tax purposes the bank owns the vehicle. There are NO mileage or condition restrictions; however, we do ask the customer to guaranty the residual.

Municipal Leases – We offer competitive rates and flexible payment schedules designed to meet the leasing needs of the municipalities that we serve.

Industries served but not limited to Construction, Transportation, Industrial, Specialty Markets, Agribusiness, Healthcare, Material Handling, Retail, Municipal and many more.